Green Tourism

Protecting Cornwall’s Environment

The main reason people come to Cornwall is to enjoy its unique and beautiful environment – the beaches, the rugged cliffs, the flora and fauna, the historic sites and the Cornish way of life. We all have an impact on this environment and, with a little thought and action, we can help to preserve it for future generations.


What we are doing:


  • We recycle all newspaper, glass, plastic bottles and cardboard
  • We buy as much of our food from local suppliers as we possibly can – you can find the full list in the front of our menu folders. We also make our own yoghurt and jams.
  • We use energy-efficient lightbulbs wherever it is practical to do so; most of our toilets are now linked to cisterns which minimize the amount of water used. All radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves
  • We endeavour to minimize the use of water and detergents. If you are staying with us for a period of time, we will normally change your bedlinen and towels every 3 or 4 days unless you ask us to do so more frequently
  • We keep local maps, details of bus timetables and local places to eat available for our guests.
  • We have clothes drying facilities for walkers and cyclists; we also provide secure storage for bicyles
  • Our chickens help out by “recycling” kitchen scraps!
  • We do what we can to encourage wildlife into the garden – providing bird feeders; uncultivated areas for insects and other wildlife

What you can do to help protect our beautiful county:


  • Separate the recyclable items from your rubbish and leave them next to your waste bin. Remember to “reduce, reuse and recycle”.
  • If you leave your towels hanging on your towel rail we will assume that you are happy to re-use them.
  • Conserve energy and water – switch off the lights you do not need
  • If your room is too warm, turn down your radiator thermostat; please do not keep a window open if the radiator is on
  • Do not use your car all of the time; this is a wonderful area for walking – we have plenty of good, up-to-date maps to help you to explore. In addition, there is a summer bus service which stops right outside the house. We have copies of all relevant bus timetables.
  • Stay local, eat local and buy local. There are some excellent pubs and restaurants in the area which serve locally sourced food; similarly there are many shops in Penzance and St Just which offer good quality local produce. We have a number of unique community events happening throughout the year – don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch and/or participate.
  • Follow the countryside code – protect the plants and wildlife around us – bring litter home; leave gates and property as you find them

Thank you!